Party Planning

Where to start with planning your party

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a wedding reception, christening or anniversary party, there are all sorts to consider when embarking on your party preparations. Here at partyballoons4you, or aim is to make your life that little bit easier by providing you with all you might need in one convenient place.

notes on how to plan a party, notepad on a wooden desk with a cup of coffee

We’re based in Leeds, but these are our top three tips for planning your party and they apply to anyone anywhere, we don’t discriminate! So if you’re feeling a little lost, slightly stuck or even admirably adrift, worry no more because we’ve got you covered.

Start with your piggy bank: the budget

Unfortunately, for most of us, the cost will dictate the end result of a party plan. Even the most flexible of budgets will have constraints and by knowing your price limits, you can plan accordingly. Start by jotting down what you think you can realistically afford to spend, take ten to fifteen percent off that and you’ve got a working budget allowing for a little overspend. Pardon the pun, but it pays to be prepared.

Next is the canvas: the party venue

The venue is normally one of two things for most planners: either the most or least expensive part to the entire party. This is your opportunity to save money to spend on other aspects of the party or, to spend a big portion of your budget that will define the whole shindig. Neither way is wrong or right, it depends on you.

Maybe you have somewhere you can host the party for free, at home, a friends function room or club house? If you’re looking to hire a space, the world really is your Oyster, from town halls, hotel suites or even private gardens. A word of caution: if you like it, other people will too, so be prepared need to book well in advance for somewhere popular!

Time to get creative: the decorations

This is your chance to flex your creative muscles, or even pay someone else to flex theirs. Whoever the party is for, or what kind of event it is could make the decision for you – but the decorations can be what make a goof party a great one. Themed parties have enjoyed a recent stratospheric rise in popularity and for good reason, a theme will provide the stimulus for a bunch of ideas you might not have had such as photo opportunities, wall coverings and table centres.

colourful balloons set against a blue sky

As far as decorations go, we’re advocates of the humble balloon, for its simplicity and versatility. We know of many fantastic suppliers in the wider Leeds area but if you’re not from Leeds you’ll have to research party decoration suppliers in your local area.

There are also numerous other decorations that your provider will either rent or sell to you that you may need to work into your budget, from table and chair covers, backdrops and curtains, lighting and sound options.

Scratching the surface of ‘the party’

Of course, there are numerous other aspects of the party to take into consideration like entertainment, music, catering, drinks, we could go on. These are our three essential rules to starting your party plan. Without a proper budget, well selected venue and a theme with decorations to match – its simply not a party!